Investment Strategy

Viridis Ag is investing in sustainable agribusiness

We have attracted investor funds with a clear mandate around energy efficiency and emissions management, that operates sustainably to deliver a profitable financial return to investors.

We have a responsibility within our industry to drive sustainable production, and we have the privilege to work with the capital we have.

Our remit is to deliver sustainable agribusiness through efficiencies in energy and emissions.

We also have the remit to invest past farm gate and into the supply chain to provide sustainability at all stages of the production and delivery of grains to market.

As such we are not only focused on sustainability on property, but driving efficiencies throughout the supply chain in all stages of grain production.

Investment in Australian cropping

The Australian cropping market will continue to offer attractive investment opportunities, driven by a number of fundamental global dynamics.

Positive fundamental macro drivers include:

  • Population and income growth expected to drive increased food consumption, particularly in developing nations
  • Declining arable land per capita represents a supply constraint
  • Supply increases need to be driven by innovation and productivity improvements – technology and active management are fundamental to success
  • The ability to invest in scalable, high quality cropping assets is limited

Australia offers direct exposure to increasing global demand for grains and oilseeds

  • Sustainable exposure to diverse crop export markets, with significant export surplus over stable domestic demand
  • Export surplus of approximately 75% for grains and oilseeds over the past five years
  • Well located geographically for export to developing markets through Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Viridis Ag is supported by one of Australia’s largest agricultural fund managers, Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management.

  • We innovate to drive change so we can do more with less.