• Sustainable and positive long term impact.

Leading sustainable production

Viridis means ‘green’ in Latin and this encapsulates our approach to farming – reduced emissions, improved soils, whilst encouraging biodiversity through revegetation of our non-arable areas. Our mission is simple; we grow better crops for a better future.

The fundamentals of high yielding, more efficient production involves adopting new technology and embracing best practice precision farming techniques to achieve environmental benefits, while maximising soil health and productivity.

Our Brandmark

The graphic element of our brandmark is a trio of elements symbolising people, profits and environments.

These are the three pillars of sustainability, and all three are needed to provide a stable platform. They are strengthened through innovation and continuous improvement.

Performance with positive long term impact

Our objective is to deliver real sustainability not only on-property, but throughout the industry and the global supply chain. We seek to do this through innovation, benchmarking and influencing farm production systems and post-farm gate initiatives. Reduced energy and emissions are key performance indicators across our businesses’ activities.

We are committed to:

  • Researching, developing, collaboration, and exhibiting leading sustainable agriculture in Australia;
  • Benchmarking best practice productivity and performance measures on-farm;
  • Financial performance in line with shareholder expectations; and
  • Being recognised as a valuable member of local communities.

Adhering to best practice

Viridis Ag’s ethos is to embrace modern farming practices, leverage technology and attract great people sharing similar values and passion.

The fundamentals of greener, more efficient production involves the adoption of the latest available technology utilising GPS guidance and advanced soil science and plant nutrition knowledge.

Such techniques can maximise yields and pay off in energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Precision farming techniques achieve environmental benefits while maximising soil health and productivity.

Adapt and Innovate

Viridis Ag’s focus is to innovate and improve our operations and ultimately drive industry change for the better. This constant adaption covers all areas of operations:

  • Build – systems, culture and portfolio
  • Sustainable – people, profits and environments
  • Innovate – constant improvement in all aspects of operations
  • Profitable – positive return on investment within the portfolio, and beyond the farm gate.


Viridis Ag is supported by one of Australia’s largest agricultural fund managers, Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management.

Our Remit

Performance without impact

Viridis Ag’s ethos is to embrace modern farming practices, leverage technology and attract great people sharing similar values and passion.

Investment Strategy

Viridis Ag is investing in sustainable agribusiness.

Our remit is to deliver sustainable agribusiness through efficiencies in energy and emissions. We also have the remit to invest past farm gate and into the supply chain to provide sustainability at all stages of the production and delivery of crops to market.

Leadership Team

Meet the Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of a group of passionate professionals who are committed to sustainable agribusiness.

Our Purpose & Values

Better crops. Better Future!

Our purpose statement and values support the company’s vision, shape the culture and reflect what behaviours the company expects. They are the essence of our identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy.

Health, Safety and Environment

Our focus is on “Zero Harm”

Safety is the responsibility and focus of our people to achieve our goal of ‘Zero harm’ through continual improvement.

  • We operate respectfully and take accountability for our actions